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Recruitment & Staffing Services

We provide IT solution Service Management in RPO accordance with the industry best practices. Intecreus Provide one Managed RPO Center to customers business


Our Recruitment and Staffing Service ensure that our RPO application portfolio that is managed 24×7 in order to remain secure, reliable and yet cost effective. They need solutions that ensure high availability and performance. We provide IT solution Service Management in RPO accordance with the industry best practices. Intecreus Provide one Managed RPO Center to customers business. We specializes in connecting mid-market to enterprise-level clients with local, national and global talent to manage and grow their businesses and serve their customers across diffrent and verticals Industries. Our 24×7 RPO service delivery model drives time and cost out of the recruiting process providing you with faster time to hire and best-fit talent – when, where and how you need it.   Save time, save money, improve your process – and get the talent you need!, So that we can work together for technology. As an RPO Service we provide our customer to work with us as Prime Vendor / Solution Provider / Managed Solution Centre / Business Partner.


Temporary and Contract Staffing

Intecreus provides contract staff on a need basis, with the option of converting them to a permanent staff of your organization, after completion of their contract term which could vary from six months to an year or even more.

Direct Hire and RPO Staffing

Intecreus With our unique RPO Model, client can outsource end to end recruitment activity to intecreus be it for the entire organization or any particular business project. We will facilitate the recruitment process by providing skilled human resources, tools, technologies, etc. and would virtually function as our client’s “Recruitment Department”.

Permanent Staffing:

Intecreus make conscious efforts to provide the right mix of quality Manpower Resources keeping in mind the client’s description, needs and requirements of the organization

National RPO Service

National recruiting process deployed and managed across local market with end to end front and backend with sourcing for in-house and direct recruitment.

Global RPO Service:

Global recruiting function deployed and managed across local markets in a fully integrated recruitment process outsourcing program including direct hire.

Enterprise RPO Service

Full lifecycle recruiting solution that can be deployed on end-to-end, front-end or back-end only basis, across your enterprise or within selected departments..

Project and Sourcing RPO Service:

End-to-end recruiting solution deployed for a specific mission-critical initiative.. Sourcing solution deployed with your in-house recruiting team.


We take the hassle out of hiring by carefully screening and handpicking the best candidates for your company. Our expert specializes in matching top candidates with the perfect job fit. Say goodbye to the time-consuming and costly process of finding the right employee and hello to an efficient and seamless hiring experience.

Our Direct Staffing services include:

  • Pool of Talent
  • Recruitment Expert
  • Onboarding Support
  • Time and Cost Saving
  • Risk Management
  • Felxibility
  • SCADA systems
  • Tunnel mechanical and electrical maintenance
  • Fire detection and suppression systems
  • People emergency escape systems
  • Data and CCTV
  • Specialist LED upgrades


We cover the entire recruitment process from talent acquisition to advising organizations on how to secure the very best permanently hired talent. From standard permanent recruitment models all the way to mass recruitment, Intecreus is the trusted recruitment agency for thousands of businesses every single day.

Our Permanent Staffing services include:

  • Managed Talent and Skills Across the business
  • Tailored Recruitment Advisory
  • Quick Hire
  • Accessing the Right Fit
  • Finding the Best Match
  • Delivering to your need
  • Attract and Engage
  • Hire & Onboard


Intecreus, staffing services helps you hire employees on a temporary basis, giving you the flexibility you need to manage your business. As an experienced employment agency, we manage the entire recruitment process, starting from candidate search and screening, to onboarding and training, and even payroll and administration.

Our Contract Hiring services include:

  • Hire Employee during Peak Time
  • Evaluating talent before longer contract
  • Realize Cost saving through Flexibility
  • Easy Shortlisting
  • Easy Sourcing
  • Easy Screening Process
  • Upskilling and reskilling
  • Rapid Turnaround


Intecreus is a leading provider of contingent staffing solutions, offering businesses the opportunity to build and manage their own on-demand workforce. With our expertise in effective contingent workforce management, we help organizations seamlessly integrate employees and contingent workers, providing a comprehensive solution for their staffing needs. Our contingent staff consists of highly skilled professionals who are equipped to meet the dynamic demands of today’s business landscape. We understand the importance of offering contingent workers employee benefits to ensure their satisfaction and productivity.

Our Contingent Staffing services include:

  • Reduce Fixed Cost
  • Risk Management
  • Compliance
  • Time Saving
  • Access to Specialized Skills

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