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Intecreus focuses on providing best IT enterprise solutions to build into an enterprise for our customers. If your IT organization needs a managed centre for our Enterprise solution and manpower service, we can help set one up at Intecreus. We believes that a well-planned idea and innovative technique can help to deliver exceptional results. Therefore, we help you to expand the scope of solution, your technology planning and management operations . We will also be focusing on hiring Financial Background candidates like Financial Certification OR having Finance Specialisation for providing below service:

Data Protection and Privacy
Governance, Enterprise risk and Compliance


Technology model and Design:

Every business has a unique set of needs, which is why we take the time to understand them and evaluate your specific requirements and need, in order to create the most progressively flexible technology model for your organization.

Business Analysis with Reporting:

our business and domain expertise team bring you objective insight of latest trends and ideas, timely solutions and well researched analytics results to help make straightforward and unambiguous decisions for technology solutions and reporting.

Research and Consulting:

In addition to custom projects analysis, product implementation, Our experts can partner with you for new Research and consulting need. If you have software solution in the form of product and want to kick start realization without building your own research team and consulting, we can help to build your Research and Development center.


Our BGC Service provide Quality Verficiation and Documentation Service. We ensure the company data and Documents verified should be done with full accuracy and Privacy for the resource to on-boarding them for the project. Our BGC Service works through Verification process flow management technique with proper research and Analytics practice to provide pre-verification and post verification of the employees.


Our Enterprise IT Solution helps our customer to Build, Implement, sell and run service through us. We help them with low cost and full data accuracy for projects with proper security. Customer can also find integrated solution based platform and working with technology alliances through us.


We provide solution on Cloud based platform Solution to our on going and new customers. Focus on Implementation of the project using Infrastructure as a service and Plaform as a Serivice in Cloud market place. Intecreus Provide a one IT Solution Managed Center for implementing the project for our customer into IT Such as Database Cloud Service, Mobile Cloud Service, Application Cloud Service, SOA Cloud Service, Document Cloud Service, Management Cloud Service and Integration Cloud Service. Thus, we focus on new and updated technology to customer with effective manpower resources to compete in the emerging market

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