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Human Capital and Payrolling services

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Human Capital and Payrolling services

Our human capital and payrolling service helps our customer with HR Leader administrative focus on strategic talent initiative that drive sustainable growth and recruitment process. Our solutions support entire hire cycle, from talent acquisition and development of compensation management, Employee services, and total reward administration all Benchmark. Companies now-a-days worldwide are fighting to acquire and retain right talent, in the right location, all the while matching the cost of hire. Our talent management team focus on the recruitment process and support, L&D,  and employee reward. By adopting our payroll service, company can reduce its hiring cost such as ATS, VMS costing, Job portal costing, employee costing etc ..


Thus we simply client payroll solution

Simplify your payroll process with our payroll processing solutions! From calculating and processing payroll to providing employee benefits, we’ve got you covered. Let us help you streamline your payroll process and focus on what matters most: running your business.


Our Payroll Service:

Intecreus in the area of Payroll Management including administering & managing the salary compensation, leaves, time sheet, all the statutory & regulatory compliance. Our most of HR’s employees time is spent on these administrative activities. Outsourcing the Payroll process to Intecreus would help the HR department to focus on Strategic Process Management.


Our Payroll  Offerings:

Our payroll service Offers Reduced Cost, Offer Direct Deposit, Free Up Free Time, Leverage Outside Payroll Expertise,  Assured Outcomes, Dedicated Support, Minimum Risk, Security, Improved Employee Morale , Improved Employee Engagement


Help you Manage payroll:

We helps in managing payroll, which results in Employee Profile , Employee Salary Details , Employee Attendance & Leaves , Employee Perks & Benefits , Employee Investments,  Employee Appraisal History, HR Policies and Attrition, Pre Salary – Checklist, Statutory Reports & Challans, Post Salary – Checklist, MIS Reports


HR Shared Services:

Our HR Shared Service helps customer to delivery proper HR Administrative service include Document Maintenance, Statutory Compliance, Grievance Handling Etc.


HR Transformational Services:

Our HR Transformational Policy Is for Customer to transform their HR Activities from Manual to Electronically by using various Management System and Application tracking Tools.


HR Payroll Service:

Our Payroll Service helps to manage customer MIS Reports, Employee profile, Employee Investment, Employee Appraisal and Policy and Other Salary Details. We helps our Customer with Unique Payroll Database Management for easy and accurate information.


Human Capital Service:

We help our customer for turnkey Projects for there unique solution to identify resources and delivery within specified time to the project

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