About Market Research and Data Analytics

We provide Data Analytics/Market Research and QA Testing Service to our Technology Customers, with ready funnel include awareness, interest, desire and action and contact sure include data accuracy and technology market mapping with statistical analysis of the pre and post defined data. We can help you setting up the best managed centre (KPO) for statistical analysis for your project at Intecreus for effective Market Research report. Our company has a range of services in providing best market research solution for evaluation using statistical tool like SPSS and many more, for your primary Business Research solution across Social Media Analytics. Our Quality assurance enterprise solutions service to build QA managed centre for customers. If your IT organization needs a managed centre for quality assurance Service, we can help set up in our company. If you already have a centre, but you need best manpower practices that will better handle your projects, we can help you in providing the same. Includes evaluation of new tools and testing environments such as the Manual and Automation Testing, Datawarehouse Testing, cloud test, software testing tools, the mobile environments, testing automation and application performance issues etc for QA Assessment and Process Consulting Service and test Management.

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Key Market Research

We Explore to do Market Research for our customers according to the nature of their business and domain. Also, we used to provide them with accurate result as per updated emerging market trend.

We Explore the QA Testing in the market for our Customer. Along with Market Research Analysis, we do proper testing of the data using various research tools for effectiveness of the data provided to the customer.

We explore doing Statistical Analysis for various industry using statistical tools like SPSS, SAS etc in the emerging market. Also, we provide an updated market research report in form of statistical data form for customer to verify it easily for results.